Client Endorsements

“Jackie is a true professional. She sizes up your needs and quickly and efficiently sets about helping you meet those needs. She is very resourceful and knows this field extremely well. I’ve yet to ask her a question that she doesn’t know the answer to. She is trustworthy and regards her work as confidential. In addition, Jackie is a delightful person, you will enjoy working with her!” -N.P., Chevy Chase, MD

“Jackie is absolutely the best! She was immensely helpful from our first discussions where we conceptualized the tasks that needed to be done, all the way through the execution and conclusion of the project. She was creative in approach, efficient in her use of time and materials, and expertly skilled in all aspects of the organization and management of physical assets and space.” -D.B., Washington, DC

“I never thought that I needed an organizational expert until I met Jackie Kelley. Jackie is extremely knowledgeable about her business and very personable as well. She helped me completely organize my attic in 3 hours and I was able to donate 2 carloads of items to local charities. I like to think of Jackie as my ‘organizer friend’ because when she helps you, it’s like having a girlfriend over to help. I have been a client of Jackie’s for over a year and I will continue to utilize her expertise and her fancy label maker until I feel that my house is completely organized.” -R.M., Kensington, MD

“Jackie has helped me organize both my business and my home. In a short period of time, she helped me determine how to make both operate more efficiently with storage and filing solutions that are easy to understand and maintain. I was paralyzed by the prospect of tackling my organizing needs, and expected the work to be impossible. Jackie helped make addressing the issues simple, and continuing with her suggestions has made a tremendous difference in both my home and business.” H.B., Olney, MD

“When I was finally ready to tackle the years of unfiled personal records, and organize a lifetime of antique collecting, I searched the NAPO website for personal organizers in my area. Clearing House’s approach appealed to me immediately. Jackie’s description of the process was neither judgmental nor overflowing with false cheer (I often say it was the lack of exclamation marks that most impressed me). Ms. Kelley laid out a clear, common sense approach to assessing and addressing an overwhelming situation.

With Jackie’s gentle encouragement and boundless energy, I was able to organize decades of records, cull my collections, and find a place for everything. More importantly, I have internalized the methods Jackie practices to keep my personal space under control.  I continue to use Clearing House as an invaluable resource in my personal and professional life. When I renovated my home, Jackie designed closets and storage areas for maximum utility. When my business was looking for a place to recycle or donate office equipment, Clearing House provided the answers. Working with Clearing House has truly changed my life – Jackie Kelley is my personal hero.” -J.K., Washington, DC

“We could not have been more pleased with the service that Jackie provided us. Her professionalism and experience allowed us to finally make progress on organizational challenges that had hung over our heads for years. She provided both a fresh perspective to our problem and a menu of practical solutions for each of those issues. We wholeheartedly recommend Jackie and cannot speak highly enough of her organizational skills and customer service.” -A.B., Greenbelt, MD

“Once again Jackie has brought order and purpose to my life! Jackie has organized my business (and now my personal financial records). Her deep expertise and calm listening have in both cases resulted in systems that work specifically for me. The results have been amazing in that I am now able to get more billable hours in my day and stay better focused and organized on key client projects. Our financial house is also now in order – not just today – but for years to come with the clear system she put in place. I will continue to hire Jackie to keep my “house” in order and to declutter my business and my mind. Thank you Jackie!” – J.R., Kensington, MD

“Jackie is a real pleasure to work with and has provided services to both my household and my business. She is supportive and respectful of your organizing needs and preferences, but provides expert advice that fits your situation. She plows through the problems and clutter and the results allow for a more efficient work-flow on the business side and a less stressful household. She provides ideas that fit the person that she is working with and really attacks the problem with a team approach. Utilizing Jackie’s service can result in saving you money at home or at work and create a less stressful situation. When everything is organized, we need to go to the store less often and can be more efficient in the workplace. I highly recommend Jackie and Clearing House.” – R.T., Kensington, MD

“Jackie’s professional organizing skills are fantastic. She takes the time to know her client, is flexible, creative, and budget minded. She totally transformed my office and I have recommended her to others.” – C.K., Silver Spring, MD

“Jackie transformed my office from cluttered to neat and organized in just a few hours. Now I can find anything I need in seconds and filing is no longer drudgery. What’s more, I’ve saved money because I can put my hands on key documents when I need them so I don’t have to recreate work and/or I can get other bids on projects to cut costs. Jackie is so easy to work with and almost makes getting organized fun!” – A.G., Chevy Chase, MD

“We hired Jackie to help with our home organization. Her ideas were great, she is patient and helpful and really helped us think of ways to organize that work with how WE do things.” – H.I., Potomac, MD

“Jackie came to my house promptly and was ready to work right away. She was a huge help not only in sorting and organizing but also motivating us to work on certain areas of our house that needed to be addressed. Thanks to her assistance, we now have a functioning and safe basement area for our toddler and everyone in our family. Her services are worth the price! She goes above and beyond to help you get to the next step in your organizational needs! She even created a spreadsheet to help us stay accountable to our end goal. Thank you Jackie!” – J. P., Bethesda, MD

“I worked with Jackie to help organize my office. Her advice and helpful suggestions really made a difference in my day-to-day work life. I highly recommend her!” – L.F., Silver Spring, MD

“I hired Jackie to help me organize my small business home office. I was amazed at how much she was able to accomplish in such a small period of time. I’m also amazed that of the things we were able to do together, they are still organized! Her strategies and ideas were great. I would recommend Jackie in a heartbeat.” – D.B., Bethesda, MD

“Jackie has great ideas and lots of simple suggestions that have a great impact. She and I can work together and accomplish in 3 hours, a task that would have taken me days to complete on my own, and the end result is always much better than I could have accomplished on my own. As a single parent, finding time to keep after the “stuff” in the house is my biggest problem. Jackie saves me time and reduces the stress of keeping up with that never-ending to-do list.” – H.L., Kensington, MD

“Do you have boxes of paper or decades of photos stashed away that you simply cannot look at? I did. Jackie makes the organization process informative, painless and guilt free. The beauty of her consultancy is that she does not judge you. She strikes a good balance – advising you on the positive benefits of letting things go and letting you keep what you feel like you need to hang on to. Jackie maps out plans quickly. She helps you get supplies and donate stuff, as well as sends you newsletter tips. And she’s very nice to work with.” – A.O., Gaithersburg, MD

“Jackie really knows how to get down to business. She is smart, personable, trustworthy, and really knows her business. I hired Jackie when I was packing to move across country and had an overwhelming amount of organizing, decision making, and packing to do. I didn’t want to pack things that I didn’t really need anymore, but was feeling stuck. Jackie was great because she helped take the emotion out of those decisions and kept me really practical without making me feel awkward. I think she saved me so much time, effort and hassle. She also was a great help with clearing out my paperwork and helping me decide what I needed to keep and what could be tossed or shredded. I wish I could have packed her along with my stuff so she could help me here. Hire Jackie. You/your business will benefit from her expertise.” – C.M. Kensington, MD

“I turned to Jackie when I needed help in completing the last stage of a long term home renovation project. My delay in getting all the boxes unpacked & dealing with over 20 years worth of possessions had reached critical mass as I had closet installers coming to put in new closet systems in just a couple days. I was faced with what seemed like a houseful of boxes containing possessions, junk, clothing, and miscellaneous items of living. It was overwhelming to consider the time and effort required to just clear the space for the installation, let alone actually sort through all the clothing and decide what should be kept.

A friend suggested Jackie Kelley’s service as a way to help me quickly get unstuck.
Jackie did a tremendous job as soon as we started working together. She listened carefully to my needs and daily routines, and then surveyed the space and surrounding storage areas. She helped guide me through the process of sorting clothes and other items that held great sentimental memories but really no longer were a part of my present life. Within a day she had turned my bedroom areas into usable spaces that allow me to streamline the time & effort of going about my daily routines.

Over the next several sessions of working together, we went through each of my living areas and maximized my storage into usable organized spaces. I feel like it’s now so much easier to just keep up with the day to day efforts of keeping house. Jackie’s superb organizing skills were indispensable in helping me get back to living and really enjoying the beauty of my home.“ – K.S., Alexandria, VA