How It Works

If you have never worked with a professional organizer before, you may have a few questions about the process.

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As chief professional organizer and owner of Clearing House, I work directly with clients at their place of business, residence or virtually through telephone consulting.  If a project requires a team effort or additional resources, I reach out to an arsenal of trained and talented organizers within my local professional network to supplement hands-on projects.

During the free phone consult that I offer, we discuss your service needs, review options, discuss alternatives and determine if my services are a good fit. I typically work with people who desire strategies and solutions to bring function to one or more areas of their office or home.

On-site consultations and hands-on organizing sessions are ideal for clients who:

  • Have many problem areas in their office or home and don’t know where to start
  • Are frustrated by organizing systems that don’t work
  • Need an action plan to get motivated

Consultations and Assessments

Consultations are scheduled for 1 or 2 hour appointments and are offered for virtual strategy sessions, on-site targeted consultations or on-site organizing assessments. I review all current (or targeted) systems, space limitations, storage constraints, living or working styles, and other details necessary to recommend the best strategies for improving function in your office or home.  We discuss habits, preferences, project schedule and project expectations relative to priority goals and needs.  You receive a project strategy, ideas for product and/or service alternatives and follow-up support.

Organizing Sessions

Hands-on organizing sessions are scheduled for 3-6 hour appointments, and require a 3-hour minimum.  In my experience, this minimum time frame is essential for meeting the session demands: project initiation, item review, decision-making flow, staging, and wrap-up.  I work side-by-side with you to create change based on your priority need.

During this hands-on session, expect me to:

  • Plan and facilitate the work session to tackle priority tasks
  • Sort, categorize and assess (with you) selected items and/or papers
  • Offer guidance to help make decisions on what to keep or remove
  • Manage time to stay on task and maximize the work session
  • Teach techniques necessary to maintain organizing systems
  • Offer supporting resources to complete project (products/services)
  • Guarantee complete confidentiality and professional service. As a member of NAPO, I adhere to a professional code of conduct, and work with clients according to the NAPO Code of Ethics

If a project includes multiple tasks, organizing sessions wrap up at a logical stopping point.  Your space is always left in working condition and follow-up sessions are scheduled as required.  Clients are required to be on-site with me or any representative organizer during appointments.

Scheduling Appointments

As you plan for organizing assistance, please allow up to two weeks for scheduling availability.  I aim to schedule appointments when requested, however some months of the year advance scheduling will guarantee that I can meet your timing expectations.

A client agreement detailing my working policies and session rates is sent to all new clients for review once an appointment is scheduled.  I require a signed agreement prior to a consult.  Organizing consultations and sessions are scheduled Monday – Friday between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.  Weekend appointments are limited and subject to availability.


Payment for all services except virtual sessions is due at the end of the appointment.  Virtual sessions require prepayment.  If organizing products provided by me are used during a session (as authorized by you), supplies are charged to you at cost (I do not mark up the price of products.)  Payment for supplies is due at the end of the appointment.   Payment for the optional shopping service and supplies purchased is due upon receipt of supplies.

Payments can be made by cash, checks made payable to Clearing House LLC or credit card.  A check return fee of $35 will be assessed.  Credit cards are processed through Paypal, which requires a working email address (but no Paypal account is required).  Credit card payments must be received within 24 hours of service date.  Organizing services are not refundable.  Unused products purchased by me for any organizing service may be returned within 30 days of purchase for exchange or refund.

Cancellation Policy

Changes or cancellations to a scheduled or pre-paid service require 48 hours advance notice.  Please contact me by phone to ensure notification.  Services cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will be assessed 50% of the minimum charge for that service.  Balances must be paid prior to rescheduling.  In the uncommon event that I change or cancel an appointment within 24 hours, you will receive a 50% service credit.

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