Home Office Organizing & Daily Money Management

Clearing House specializes in home office organizing, paper management, financial organizing and daily money management.  We help people who struggle to maintain paper or electronic organizing systems in your home office, have difficulty tracking financial accounts and paying bills, or need new routines to tackle tasks, time and paper.


Need help?  We offer strategies to assist you and improve organizing methods for:

  • Home office, household information center, and desktop management
  • File (paper and electronic), task and time management
  • Tracking household accounts and creating a personal financial inventory
  • Setting up a budget and conducting periodic reviews of household spending
  • Streamlining household bill payment processes and/or assistance with bill paying

FREE Phone Consultation

Don’t know where to start or what you need?  Contact us to set up an exploratory call to discuss your home office or financial organizing challenges and “pain points.”  We will help you explore options, evaluate your situation to determine if our services are a good fit, and make a recommendation for getting you started on improving your systems.  We also share our knowledge of productivity resources and other service providers if you have a specific need or question.

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Targeted On-Site Consultation

We meet with you for a 1 to 3 hour consultation in your home office and review needs related to organizing systems, paper, digital, task or daily money management.  We will evaluate your goals and priorities and analyze options to improve system functions. 

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Hands-On Consulting Sessions

We meet with you for a 3-hour working session in your home office.  We will review the targeted session goal, and work directly with you.  Your job is to make decisions while we initiate the organizing strategy and process to review items, files and/or current systems.  We suggest products or systems to meet your needs and offer strategies to help maintain organizing systems. 

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Daily Money Management Support

For ongoing financial organizing and daily money management clients, we provide periodic (weekly, monthly, as needed) services to manage select financial accounts and maintain account record keeping. We also work closely with care teams to provide support to care managers and financial advisors or POAs on behalf of a shared client.

Services may include (remote or onsite): transaction updates to financial tracking software or spending file, reconciling select accounts, preparation of monthly income and expense reports, compilation or preparation of tax return support materials, preparing checks for signature, tracking or monitoring payments to select service providers, and communications to designated family representatives, financial advisors or tax accountants, as required.  Offsite daily money management services are billed hourly.