Virtual Organizing

Need fresh ideas and a plan to get you started? Clearing House can work with you over the phone to solve home or business organizing challenges.


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Virtual organizing offers you a way to obtain new organizing strategies and brainstorm with an experienced productivity and organizing professional. Get the benefits of our expertise over the phone while accommodating your schedule and/or budget.

Virtual organizing can work well if you:

  • Prefer to work independently but need a jump-start to get your organizing project going, or would like periodic check-ins to stay motivated
  • Have a large project and a small budget
  • Want some fresh ideas for a targeted space without the hands-on service
  • Have limited time to devote to organizing projects
  • Desire an accountability partner to boost productivity (time, tasks, email)
  • Live outside the Washington DC metro region and would like to work with Jackie

This virtual session will offer guidance, application of organizing principles to assist you, and strategies to help you work toward your organizing goal.

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Don’t know where to start or what you need? Contact us to describe your organizing challenges and “pain points”. We will help you explore options, evaluate your situation to determine if our services are a good fit, and make a recommendation for getting you started on improving your systems and space. 

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Targeted Telephone Strategy Session

A virtual strategy session includes a 1-hour telephone or online (Skype/Zoom/FaceTime) consult from your home or office. We review a targeted organizing challenge of your choice and discuss strategies to improve your functional space.

As part of the process, we:

  • Identify your goals and priorities
  • Assess your problem areas, review systems and periodic maintenance patterns
  • Strategize organizing solutions geared to your preferences and learning styles
  • Discuss techniques to improve and maintain systems
  • Offer product and service ideas to complement organizing solutions
  • Summarize tasks for follow-up action
  • Provide follow-up consult after 2 weeks and email support for one month

Once a virtual session is pre-paid and scheduled, you submit a completed questionnaire and up to 5 photos of your targeted space. We connect, discuss, and strategize a process to help achieve your goal.  We will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your payment to schedule your strategy session.

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Suggested organizing strategy sessions for the home:

  • Home office, household information center, and/or desktop management
  • Files, paper, task and time management
  • Living spaces (pick a specific room)
  • Study zones for active students
  • Storage areas for current or archive belongings

Suggested organizing strategy sessions for the office:

  • Desktop management and general office organizing
  • Paper management strategies to minimize buildup and improve flow
  • File system structure and maintenance (paper and electronic)
  • Time management techniques to identify time wasters and set priorities
  • Effective storage solutions for supplies and/or inventory

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