Our Clients

Individuals and Families

We help a diverse set of clients, all with unique needs, to help organize and manage personal documents and take care of routine financial tasks.

Our extensive one-on-one experience working with organizing clients of all backgrounds brings a depth of knowledge and capacity for understanding many situational concerns and needs. We bring a compassionate awareness to the complicated life challenges our clients face and facilitate a working plan to meet their express goals.

Our services uniquely benefit anyone looking for support, especially for our aging population or those experiencing a personal crisis – such as the death of a loved one, a divorce, bankruptcy, the onset or progression of an illness or disability, or another critical life event.

We also support clients who request help while going through common life transitions that can be stressful or bring situational disorganization, such as after a move, the birth of baby, or a job change.

People we help include:

There are numerous benefits of working with a financial organizing professional:

We offer Financial Organizing Services

We offer Daily Money Management Services

Professional Teams

We actively collaborate and partner with other professional service providers to serve mutual clients when the need arises.

We offer detailed-oriented support, timely response and clear communication when working with our professional partners on behalf of a client. We strive to exceed expectations when a client and their service partner requests our assistance, whether it’s a one-time deadline-driven project, or to offer ongoing assistance.

Professionals we partner with include:

We ensure complete confidentiality between clients and their service partners, communicate with teams only as authorized, and follow our industry standards of practices to prioritize and serve in our clients’ best interests. Clearing House owner, Jackie Kelley, holds customized professional liability insurance as a Daily Money Manager.

We build strong professional relationships and collaborate to serve mutual clients