Professional Teams

Does your financial services, legal or care team include a Daily Money Manager?

Are your clients often late with required documents or in need of organizing support or account maintenance and oversight?

Would your clients be better positioned if you could outsource their financial organizing or daily money management tasks?

A Daily Money Managers acts as an important liaison between clients and their professional services providers to help foster clear communication, essential oversight and provide information sharing, when necessary.

We build alliances with many of our client’s financial, tax, insurance, legal, and care professionals and collaborate when the situation arises to serve mutual clients. Our detail-oriented responsiveness and years of experience in project management, economic analysis and project consultations with a wide range of clients lend a unique set of skills to enhance professional teams.

We provide excellent communication and task follow-up to ensure collaborative project oversight is met, especially for time sensitive tasks such as tax document preparation, long-term care medical reimbursements, insurance renewals or settling an estate, among others.

We partner with:

Read more here from AADMM, our professional industry association, about how working with a daily money manager can support your professional services team.

We ensure complete confidentiality between our clients and their service partners, communicate with teams only as authorized, and follow the AADMM standards of practices to prioritize and serve in our clients’ best interests.

Clearing House owner, Jackie Kelley, holds customized professional liability insurance as a Daily Money Manager and is required to clear routine background checks for membership in AADMM.

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