We have a new look!

Thank you for visiting my site! It’s been more than a few years since I’ve shared any news or information on this blog, so let me begin by introducing a refreshed and updated website for Clearing House. Finally! Over the

How to Create a Personal Financial Inventory

No matter your age or stage in life, taking occasional stock of your personal financial life can be helpful for more reasons than just bookkeeping and records management.  As our accounts increasingly move to the cloud and to digital management

Organizing Electronic Files

The trend toward a paperless economy is here to stay.  Banks, insurance companies, investment services, health care offices, schools and other employers (to name a few) have increasingly transitioned customers and workers to electronic messaging and document delivery as the

Digital Life in Chaos? Manage Your Passwords in 3 Easy Steps

We have arrived: living a digital life so robust that managing passwords to our online existence requires serious maintenance.  In our series on organizing personal paperwork, the suggested project for this month is to invest time in your calendar to

Organizing Tax Paperwork for Easy Tax Filing

I know what you’re thinking: the month of February is bad enough with it’s bleak weather.  Winter doldrums shift into high gear.  Many of us have been stuck inside due to successive winter storms and/or frigid temperatures this year, our

How to Easily Update and Maintain Files

Who’s ready for a fresh start? In our series on organizing personal papers, the first suggested project is to create or update your file system and it nicely ties with the start of a new year.  Regardless of whether you