Welcome to My New Blog!

I am very excited to have a new forum to connect with my clients and website visitors on a more regular basis.  After 9 years of running a business and working with individuals to organize homes and offices, I believe that some of my experiences will be of value to you.  My goal is to share information that you can use to help meet your organizing goals, at home or at work – as well as to learn from you about your organizing challenges and successes!iStock_000019028869XSmall

Organizing topics that I plan to share will vary, but the consistent theme I hope to stick with is how to utilize organizing strategies to create functional space, in addition to applying methods that help form productive habits so that your efforts are successful. I plan to share with you:

  • Organizing resources and tools – products, online services or local providers
  • Organizing strategies – organizing best practices, alternatives to typical approaches, or helpful productivity methods
  • Information on local events or specials – where to recycle, shred or dump stuff you no longer need or want (targeted mainly for metro DC readers)

I can’t predict the frequency of my posts, but if you subscribe to our list (to the right, and get a freebie!) you’ll be sent an email alerting you to updates.  I can assure you that these alerts will not overwhelm your inbox, as I am not a prolific writer!  Alternatively, you may sign up for a direct feed of my blog to your email inbox so you don’t miss a post! (Click the orange RSS button at the top of the page.)  I will also share related organizing tips on the Clearing House Facebook page (visit the link and like it!) as well as through tweets via @CHorganize on Twitter.  Join in on the conversation with me!

I welcome your feedback – comments, suggestions and questions.  I will do my best to answer your questions or find you the best resource that can!  If you wish to engage in a dialogue with me or other readers on my site, I simply ask that comments remain helpful and nice, even if you disagree (because we all know that mean people suck)!

Wishing you success with all of your organizing projects!